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The D.C. area's premium Integrated content creation and podcast studio.
A space for true creatives. ⚡️

PAX Podcast Studios provides top-notch audio and video recording services to elevate your content to the next level. Our acoustically-treated and soundproofed studio ensures we deliver nothing but the highest quality audio. We use state-of-the-art recording equipment and have a custom-made recording lighting to capture the essence of your content. Whether you're producing a  podcast or creative content for social media, PAX Podcast Studios has got you covered.

Our Method

Starting a podcast is easy - but publishing episodes consistently, growing an audience, sounding your best, and keeping listeners coming back for more is much harder.

Chose a plan that’s right for you

Rent The Studio
$ 200.00 USD
$ 350.00 USD
  • 1 hour content creation using our equipment
  • Two cameras
  • One gimbal
  • Cell phone holder
  • 2  microphones
Audio Only
  • 3 Shure SM7B Microphones
  • Onsite engineer 
  • Raw audio only
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Audio and Video
  • 3 Dual 4K UHD / 20-70FPS Cameras
  • Free Onsite Engineer/producer
  • Live Camera Switching
  • Multi track recording
  • 4 Shure SM7B Microphones
  • Up to six guests
  • Raw video and audio only
  • TV for logo placement and video
  • Custom lighting (2 GVM 1200D RGB LED Video Light)
Podcast Production & Development
$1,600 flat rate
  • Full-scale Post production and digital marketing.
  • 1 Social media clip
  • Distribution on podcast platforms (publishing and promotion)
  • Digital marketing campaign (social media) and strategy 
  • Onsite engineer 
  • Idea generation & strategy
  • Script assistance
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